A Main Changix SomedayA Party TonightA Perfect Day
A Spirit Lives InsideA Spotlight FightA Teaspoon of Glacé
A TwosomeAbra CadabraAccommodator
According To PlanAdopt N' Survive/TranscriptAll For Four
Always Be WorseAn Easy LifeAndy
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do BetterApocalypseArmageddon (film)
As the Gradua-ettesAt C.B.S (Theme song)Babysit the Boy
Bad is the New GoodBarryBe Prepared
Be Prepared!Be Prepared (reprise)Beings
Best Foe Forever/ScriptBest Night Ever soundtrackBetter Than Ever
Brick Hard ClaireBullButch Betcher
Butch Betcher (GOC)C.B.S (Theme Song)C.B.S High
CafeteriaCafeteria SongChaos Emerald
Coming Soon!Creature of Your DreamsCreature of the Prophecy
Cruel, cruel worldCrystals of Life (song)Cyclops Cry
Daddy's KidsDare DemiseDawn
Dawn's MomDefine PeaceDitzy
Dlaire (Dawn x Claire)DoctretteDoes Thy Have To Be a Monster?
DogioDogio's ringDuke Grader
EmiliaEntertainersEpic as I wanna seem
Equeria's villainous foeEquerian CalenderFabulous Food!
Father Knows BestFauna/Flora Have FeelingsFeel like a Billion
Feels Better When I'm Dancin'Figures of GuardiansFinding Barry
First Time Since ForeverFirst Time Since We Have MetFlak Hyper Drive
Flawless Is MeForces of BeingsFreezaray
Friends From Another SideFunky Fast KidsGigantosaurs
Good FamilyGraduates of CamoriaGraduates of Camoria (film)
GuardiansGuardians GameGuardians Song
Guardians Theme Song (G1)Guardians of Camoria WikiaHairdo Don't-do
HallwaysHannahHarry B. Carel
Head Over HeelsHeroes DayHide and Sneak
Hitting the Man (When He's Down)HolocaustHotsome Like Me?
How Tragic Can I Be?I'll Have Revenge!I'm Looking Out For Me
I'm So BoredI'm The BestI've Got a Golden Child
I Can Do It AloneI Like About YouI Saw My Faults
I Want It Now!I Will Survive!In Your Dreams
IndigoIraIt's Time to Say Goodbye
It's the Hard Not-LifeIzzy LeCadetJack Frost
JadenJessieJonh & Barbra
Just RelaxKatnessKeep Calm (song)
King BlazerKing CobraLady Erebus
Let It GoLet Me Oblige to You!Let it Go
Light of Your DynamiteLike Me/YouLike Other Guys
Little BoysLittle DukesLochnesses
LoraLoris PhoenixLove Will Go Away
LuLu's Safety FirstLucifer
Main ChangixMake Him IgniteMarcy
Massive WorldMayanMegan
MountebankMs. Four-EyesMs. Sterling Cam`era
MsomiMurder, Murder, Bleeding ScarsMusta X Scott
My Greatest PowerMy past is not todayNaja
NathanNetherNether's Motorcycle
New World CityNormNot one of us
OlindaOne Step AheadOnly One Who Loves Me
Our Moment to ShineOut in the woodsOut there
PainPaniPart of Their World
Part of Their World (reprise)PennPiranha-Men
PixiesPoor Unfortunate SoulsPoor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise)
Prankster SongPretty PrincePrince Arte
Prince AuthenPrince Authen (Reprise)Prince Authen (Song)
Prince EosPrincess HalePrincess Nova
Princess Starlight UnicornProud of Your BoyPythors
Queen PhoenixQueen TyrantReturn of the Living Frenemy
Revenge Is Such a Beautiful WordRhondaRogue
Room 908Rotten to the CoreRoyally Ever After
Royally Ever After (song)RoyalsScott
Season 1Shooting Star (Gianna Kosta Remix)Simple Estate
SirensSister, Are We Going Home Soon?Sister Flare
Six Boys From C.B.S!Smart AlexSomeday Away
SongsSonnetSonnet's Necklace
SparkSpotlight Fight pt 2Star
StellaStop the PranksStreets of Grey
SunSwirlySwirly's Staff
Take On Your WorldTears to MournTell me I'm adored
That's my lullabyThat's my lullaby (reprise)The Ballad of the Beast
The Best Night EverThe Book ThiefThe Changix
The Demise BoyThe Game of Schools (anthem)The Gargoyle King
The Great AbyssThe Handy ManThe Magic of Intelligence
The Main ChangixThe Mighty GuarderThe Person I Want to Be
The Phoenix FlameThe Phoenix Have ArrivedThe RDT
The Spotlight Fight pt 1The Super Duper Smarty StudentThe Television Set
Tokin VideoTomorrowTonight Is Our Night
Tonight we strikeTop of the throneTracy
Travis LeCadetTravis the Tragic!Trickster
Try It AgainTurning 78Unleash the Cyclops
We'll do BetterWe're the SameWe are one
Welcome To HungKungWhat Makes Girls BeautifulWhen He Loved Me
When the circus comes to townWhere My Boys At?Who Am I
Wish GrantedYou're Only Second MateYou're my Zing
Your FaultZing